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We have seen a 6 month return on our initial investment. The Cap cost was replaced on the last one by an RPO from AES which frees up more room for other Cap expenditures.

Recommendation: Going forward we will be looking at a service contract with AES for service and cleaning ie general maintenance on a bi annual basis.

— David Howells, R-Bee Crushing

After commissioning my A.E.S built power van with an installed power vault all of my hydro usage problems were put to rest.

Even after a 20% HP increase on my plant my consumption of power was immediately down 55% from the previous year. As an added bonus to the hydro savings my electrical downtime on the whole package has also saved an astronomical amount.

A.E.S is a small company with big results. They understand the needs of their customers and always get the job done.

— Nilson Ostero, Nels Ostero Ltd. NE B.C Canada

In June of 2010 NCL commissioned our first Power Vault Capacitor bank while crushing Asphalt material in Whitehorse, Yukon. A.E.S was hired to couple the unit to a Cummins QSK15 455 k.W generator package, running our 300HP single cone plant configuration.

When the unit was brought online we saw our amperage drop from 580-620 A to 420-445 A-175 A drop. There was also reduced fuel consumption.

Since the initial trial we have brought four more of the Power Vault units on-line with the same success. A.E.S fabricated one unit in an enclosed trailer with a quick coupler package, so it can be moved between locations, giving us more flexibility to support our remote operations.

Before the implementation of Power Vaults our 700HP generator configurations were only capable of turning a 300HP cone. The Power Vaults have allowed us to run 400HP cones without upgrading our generator packages- thus increasing our production with greater HP while consuming less fuel.

For Nuway this product has allowed us to increase our production without having to change every component in the system to support the production increase. The power factor correction created by Power Vault Capacitor and the flexibility they provide to our operation, are quite possibly in the running for the greatest advancement in our mobile crushing history.

— Meggy Hanna, Operations Manager, Nuway Crushing. Canada

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