Allow your staff to maintain their mobility around your operations while still maintaining the important fundamentals of communication, control and added layer of safety for your ground work force.

Radio Shutdown systems (ESDS) through the use of portable handheld radios give you remote shutdown capability for your entire operation.

This feature is activated via a button located on the lapel mic and or on the body of the radio its self. It communicates with a head unit located at the plants control panel/point – interprets the radio shutdown signal & if correct performs the shutdown feature which in turn knocks out conveyor’s, cones, jaws, screeners or any other starter-based items.

The ESDS signal always takes priority over communication signals to ensure a plant shutdown.

The system can work with a signal handheld or large quantities of handhelds. Tones can be integrated into the signal so that you can have multiple plants utilizing this system working side by side and shut down each plant independently or if you desire have both shutdown on one signal.

This safety-based system when implemented in the correct fashion is a force multiplier when it comes to protecting your staff & helping you achieve OH&S compliance.

Advantages to ESDS Systems


If a worker perceives an unsafe situation in trouble, they can press the emergency button on his device and shut down the entire plant. The advantage of a radio system is that the employee doesn’t have to be within reach of the tagline to shut down a plant when imminent danger is noticed.



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