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MCC & Preventative Maintenance

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MCC Preventative Maintenance

Limiting downtime is key to success in the aggregate industry, unscheduled shutdowns cost valuable time and money. With our preventative maintenance program we can mitigate those shutdowns by correcting the small problem before they become large ones.

Annually, bi-annually or quarterly, our field technicians will come to your site and inspect all or specified electrical components and perform the following:

An electrical system

  • Visually inspect components for wear, damage, or failure, offer recommendations for repair or replacement if necessary
  • Re-torque all connections – lugs, nuts, bolts, screws
  • Clean all components & enclosures
  • Label or re-label components
  • Secure and/or re-run conductors that are incorrectly installed or out of place

A view of the electrical circuit

  • Replace minor items such as: missing or broken nuts, bolts, screws, door latches, overload reset buttons, hinges, hinge pins, pilot light bulbs, and wire way (Panduit) cover
  • Confirm that conductors are of the adequate size and type for the application
  • Ground system testing – insure proper grounding with a calibrated Fluke 1623-2 earth/ground tester
  • Report and/or make recommendations/corrective actions on all deficiencies in the electrical system.

A view of the wheels of a truck



Van & component builds are done at our facility in Acheson

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