Services We Offer

A.E.S. offers a wide range of options for any type of operation or application. Every tower van that we build is custom made to the customers needs and specifications. We work with our customers to make sure that the finished product is what they want, need and will work for them now and in the future.

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical Parts Supply

Enclosure Builds

Enclosure builds give you the ability to expand your operations, electrical capacity without the cost or pain of complete MCC overhauls. They can be pre-built and tested on our diverse test bench and then brought to site for install limiting your downtime.

They can be fabricated with a plethora of features:

  • E-stop trip Indicators
  • Fault indicators
  • Interlocks
  • Multi-feature rotary switches

Ground Systems

A proper ground is crucial to a safe and effective electrical system but is often overlooked or installed incorrectly. Proper grounding of equipment prevents user contact with dangerous voltage if any electrical insulation fails or a live conductor comes in contact with metal parts. Proper grounding also dissipates any static charge that builds up which can cause damage to electronic components.

A.E.S. can test your grounding system with our certified and calibrated Fluke 1623-2 ground tester and determine if a correct ground is present in your electrical system and correct any issues that may be present.

Sea-can Builds

Sea-can builds offer customers portable, protected and cost-effective build enclosures. They can be constructed as miniature MCC control stations, power distribution points, capacitor bank tie-in points or expansion solutions for your growing operations.

  • High-line or generator based tie-in
  • Exterior lighting
  • Receptacle box for equipment “plug & play” points
  • Lockout stations
  • Multi-pin umbilical cord to couple secondary-to-primary controls


Speed control is vital to particular pieces of equipment on your operation solid VFD units allow operators to make large or incremental adjustments to their operations on the fly.

Features include:

  • Enclosure builds with fan and filters to increase component life span
  • Remove based start/stop, speed control features
  • Brake in resistors for extreme applications
  • Synwave filter for extreme distances

Soft Starts

Soft-starts allow us to bring large motors on-line with smaller generators or cut out nasty peak power draw sur-charges on your high-line power bill.

Features include:

  • Chassis or full build ups
  • Interlock safeties / features
  • Fault indicators & internal resets
  • Multi-pin controls
  • Multi size motor flexibility

A.E.S. can assist with a variety of other systems at your operations.

Metal Detectors – Tramp metal can be detected before it enters any crushing device and cause damage. Metal detectors can be interlocked with the conveyor so when tramp metal is detected the conveyor will stop or an audible/visual warning will notify an operator that metal has been detected.

Belt Speed Sensors – Belt slippage or a conveyor stopping without notice can be eliminated with the installation of a belt speed sensor. Sensors can be set to a predetermined speed and if the belt speed drops below that pre-set value an audible/visual alarm will notify the operator.

Electrical/Hydraulics – We can design/source and install systems for various applications at your operation whether it be your Cones, Jaws, Impactors, Raise/Lower or Folding Conveyors, Parts, Valves, Controls – right down to crimping and soldering your hydraulic lines.

Belt Scales – Conveyor belt scales can be installed on belts from 24” to 60” and can accurately weigh the products being conveyed. Scale readouts can either be mounted directly on the conveyer or installed in any location via remote cable.

Air Solenoid Systems – Increase load times at your powder silo’s by agitating compacted powder in the silo’s. Use electrical over air based controls for moving equipment components or mechanical lock features.

Concrete Powder Sites – Full install and electrical termination of drop down powder loading chutes. Fully customized control centers for multiple SIW’s integrated with weight scale loadings

A.E.S. can provide electrical parts from most major bands including;

Allen Bradley, Cutler Hammer, Square D, Appleton, Eaton, Techspan, Crouse-Hinds, T&B, Omron, Mersen, Benshaw, Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Phoenix, Cooper, Leviton, Intermatic, Yaskawa, Yokogawa, Mitsubishi, Hoffman, Hammond, Hubbell, Tele-Fonika, General Cable, Southwire, and numerous others.

Parts Include:

  • Motor starters, breakers & overloads
  • Contactors
  • Plugs – all types of sizes, styles, volt & amp rating
  • Electrical Cable – SOOW, Type W, DLO – all types and sizes
  • Common crusher parts – temperature switches, pressure switches, solenoid valves
  • Fuses – all styles and amp ratings
  • Push/Pull buttons, pilot lights, and rotary switches
  • Crimp lugs, strain reliefs, reducer bushings & washers
  • A.E.S. can source just about any electrical part associated with the aggregate industry

We Specialize In

A.E.S. is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, trouble-free products and services to keep your operation running smoothly and effectively all year round in all types of conditions. We work with our customers to find innovative solutions to whatever their problem may be and are not satisfied until the problem has been solved.

Custom Enclosures

We design and fabricate custom made electrical enclosure boxes.

Power Vaults

Lower fuel consumption – run more equipment!

CAT-R Builds

We build and maintain conveyer belt scales and sensors.



Van & component builds are done at our facility in Acheson

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We Are In Alberta, Canada