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“CAT-S“ Towers

The CAT-S tower system offers a re-designed and update version of the standard “box” like tower units with its anti-fog, anti-glare glass design.

The sealed unit double pane glass inserts are canted to help limit glare and fogging. This technology cancels interior light reflection off the glass and subdues exterior UV helping maintain interior climate temperatures. The double pane glass coupled with the interior network of adjustable window vents allow the 15 kW, 18000 BTU forced air HVAC unit to maintain fog free windows.

“R” rated windows & R15 rated walls/ceiling along with a climate control unit maintain a comfortable work environment for your operators. Gone are the days of the wall mounted A/C heating units that always froze up in the summer coupled with 2 plug-in construction heaters in the winter, tripping breakers or being replaced every season because the unit has failed.

An electrical panel
An electrical panel
A view of the wiring
A view of electrical wiring

The wrap around MODULAR operator push button console allows for more visibility to the plant operations with its lower profile. Separate sections allow customers to separate essential or non-essential equipment on the panel for operator clarity. This design offers expansion panels which can be added later as your operation grows. The overhead meter display panel with indicator lights frees up control console space and allows for an increased number of meters so customers can monitor larger quantities of there essential production equipment.

The control panels interior has been separated into sections and individual trip indicators added to simplify customer-based trouble shooting on systems like cone safeties & VFD’s.

The “OH&S” compliant “E-stop” has been coupled with our “By-Pass” switch allowing for customers to maintain a true E-stop to protect their staff. But still maintain the ability to shut down large portions of their operation during production-based failures – this helps to eliminate spilled product, human error and unnecessary down time.

The CAT-S tower system offers a counter sunk exterior lighting package that has no need for removal during mobilization. This prevents the loss or damage of expensive lighting systems and more importantly eliminates the need for your staff to mount tower-based lighting in precarious positions with fall arrest or other lifting means. Just raise the tower and you have lighting.


The fully hand railed catwalk system allows your operators to maintain clean windows in a safe fashion. Its broken rain canted edge, working in conjunction with our everted 2-stage weather sealing system eliminates water from entering the vans interior. The hand rail design allows for folding in any configuration which will help on moving day. The exterior mounted access ladder allows 2-point access/egress to the tower and its 30” bottom folding section actually allows you to reach the ladder from ground level.

The exterior of the unit is coated in durable Box liner coating which far exceeds the current “peeling” paint scheme we encounter on most towers after a few seasons. This coating also limits slips/trips on the catwalk while dramatically improving the grip you get on handrails with wet slippery gloves. Available in custom colors.


Tower and van for electrical services

The CAT-S tower system is raised/lowered with 2 flush mounted hydraulic rams leaving a wide-open area under the tower versus the common scissor lift design increasing available storage area. Actuator controlled pins allow for the securement of the tower from a safe position. (No more operators walking under an unsecured tower unit to install the pins.) The actuator-based pins are complimented with mechanical locks on each side for redundancy and increased safety.

Distinct tower design, superior climate conditions, future growth with countless expansion opportunities & features. Beneficial operator controls with ease of trouble shooting. Sense of security and assurance with features like by-pass, safety pins and the full catwalk system. Built to last, enduring everything you can throw at it. With a forward-thinking design philosophy to support you and your staff in the modern crushing era for years to come.


Inside a power van

  • Custom made receptacle boxes – bottom mount or flush mount options can be installed with any number or type of receptacles
  • Air conditioning
  • Central vacuum
  • LED lighting – interior & exterior
  • 12VDC Emergency lighting – c/w timer
  • Touch Screen or conventional tower consoles
  • Main system lockouts – one lockout point for all MCC
  • Aluminum or steel access and egress stairs c/w landings
  • Under belly generator or equipment fuel tanks

  • New or used vans – 28’ to 53’ c/w Pop up control tower 8’ or 10’
  • New or used skid mounted sea cans – 20’ & 40’ – Typically for smaller operations that don’t require a pop up tower
  • New or refurbished MCC – We can provide all major brands of MCC new or refurbished in sizes from 5-200HP (NEMA sizes 1-6)
  • Touch screen or conventional tower consoles
  • Overhead meter options include: Voltage, Amps, Hertz and Percentage – allows for more room in the console and easier viewing for the operator

A container van for electrical systems

Look To The Future

Advantages of the CAT-S Tower

  • Better Usability
  • Custom layout of console and meter station
  • Custom Colours (Choose any colour you like)
  • Better HVAC heating and Cooling Systems
  • Increased square footage to competitors towers

  • Open floor plan under tower
  • Designed to fit easy assemble full walk around catwalk
  • Recessed lighting (no more taking lights down to move)
  • Console can be expanded to customer needs
  • Different designs to our competitors
  • All fabricated in house, if you want something custom, we can do it!



Van & component builds are done at our facility in Acheson

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